In the construction sector, we are constantly working on building traditions. As part of our portfolio, we have already completed several successful projects in Slovakia. Our experience of urban development and cooperation with renowned partners enable us to bring attractive, stable and innovative projects with traditional elements.


The Constario, LLC shows financial strength and stability not only in finalized and successful projects but also the number of upcoming and current projects.


We are a socially responsible company with an emphasis on green strategy. Its adaptation to the basic pillars of the company – based on the requirements of the environment, we have increased the requirements for materials and constructions that burden the already very heavy environment. We have taken measures to implement the maximum energy to reduce environmental impact in each project. We care not only for quality architecture but also for public spaces. Therefore, in all our projects we approach proactively to communication with the unprofessional, professional public and local government.


Constario, LLC brings to the territory of Slovakia the construction of the highest level, meeting the ideas of modern, functional and purposeful housing. We pay attention to the selection of quality materials, energy savings and the creation of attractive public spaces. We are constantly working to find new solutions to improve standard of living and living space.


Complex realization of own investment plans on the real estate market.

7 YEARSexperience

8 SUCCESSFULprojects

6 UPCOMINGprojects


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