The company Constario, LLC belongs to well-known construction companies in the Žilina region. It focuses on the implementation of buildings with complete engineering, design and construction itself. Precise planning of the entire process and excellent knowledge of the real estate market is a basic prerequisite for ensuring maximum client satisfaction. The projects are primarily focused on housing construction, which makes up 90% of our portfolio.
Thanks to the use of environmentally friendly materials, we guarantee a number of satisfied clients, the number of which is constantly increasing. Our buildings are a manifestation of the perception of clients’ needs and requirements, reflecting our social and cultural attitudes with an emphasis on political impartiality and non-conflict in public relations.


Philosophy of Constario, LLC is based on values – tradition, stability, responsibility and sustainability – respecting the place of construction with respect for historical, ecological, cultural and social relations.
The success of our projects is based on innovative and modern design, quality materials and a selection of renowned architects with an emphasis on the environment.
The mission of Constario, LLC is based on perfect and detailed knowledge of real estate issues from all perspectives with an emphasis on innovative ways and solutions. Based on unique solutions, we bring to the real estate market extraordinary architectural experiences bringing not only utility, but above all emotional value for our costumers. The strategic goal of the company is to build a middle segment of residential projects suitable for a wide clientele. The aim is to build housing units, offering innovative solutions for demanding customers. Product availability for customers is a key element. This is the only way to create a modern, functional, highly valued, yet affordable place to live. The aim of the company is to simplify and make life more pleasant.


The company has started to focus on area of construction, engineering, design and construction itself.

The first preparation of the project construction of 12 residential units in Veľké Rovné with complete engineering and design.

Approval of 12 residential units Veľké Rovné – project for young families. 100% of the flats were sold for the great success of the advertising campaign, resp. booked during construction work.

Preparation of the PANORAMA living Hôrky project together with complete engineering, projection and the construction itself.

Adaptation of the green strategy to the basic pillars of the company – based on the requirements of the environment, we have increased the requirements for materials and constructions that burden the already heavily loaded environment. Adoption of a measure to implement the maximum energy to reduce environmental impact in each project.

Final building approval PANORAMALIVING – 4 flats Hôrky – project of flats with high standard of living. The project used the highest quality materials in its class. Due to its parameters, the property is ranked among the most interesting in the area.

Preparation of engineering, design and construction of the Residence Okružná project.

Completion and approval of our largest project so far, located in the center of Žilina. The Residence Okružná project is particularly interesting for its location and environmentally friendly materials that are incorporated into every element of the building.

Preparation for the construction of the Malá Praha projects, family houses in the villages of Podhorie and Turie and an administrative building in Vranie, together with complete engineering and design.

Handing over of 2 family houses in the village Podhorie and 3 family houses in the village Turie – projects of family houses with a modern and at the same time traditional and high standard of living using the highest quality materials within its class. Realization of multifunctional building Malá Praha with emphasis on green strategy of the company located in the narrow center of Žilina with rich accessibility to the whole city. Preparation of construction of family houses in the villages of Rosina (VILA DOMY), Turie (PANORAMALIVING 2) and Papradno (LUHY PARK) together with complete engineering and design.

Commissioning of the multifunctional building Malá Praha and handover of flats in this project. Implementation of the construction of the Luhy Park project and preparation of all activities for engineering, design and the actual implementation of the construction of the VILADOMY project in Rosina.

Continuation of the construction of the Luhy Park project in Papradno and commencement of approval of connections, car parks and paved areas in this project. Preparation of documents for the approval of the building itself and finally the successful approval of the project together with the handover of the flats.
Construction of the VILADOMY Rosina project with the planned approval in the autumn of 2021 and finally its successful approval and handover.

Successful approval and handover of family houses in the VILADOMY Rosina project.

Completion of the construction of a bungalow in Bitarová and its approval.

Commencement of construction of the TREEPARK RESIDENCE project in Čadca and launch of the project.

Commencement of preparatory and excavation works on the 2DUBY Považská and MESTSKÝ PARK Považská projects. Preparation of documents and project documentation to obtain permits for these projects. And after obtaining the validity of the permit itself the construction of apartment buildings and a park associated with the sale of apartments.