The apartment building in Veľké Rovné was projected in the very heart of Drotárie, which caused the first economic miracle in the history of Slovakia.

The project was designed as housing for young and new families. The apartment building consists of 12 residential units with an area of one, two and three-room apartments. Although the apartments on the ground floor have no balconies, the other ones do. Heating is provided individually by a gas boiler in each apartment. The apartment building has its own access road as well as parking lots to accommodate the needs of residents.

The apartment house is situated in the heart of Veľké Rovné, a municipality located 15 km from the center of Žilina. The beautiful surrounding nature partly in the protected landscape area of Kysuce is ideal for summer and winter tourism. The municipality is a north-south transitional point between Považie and Kysuce on the road 541 from Kotešová to Turzovka.


residential units




from the center of Žilina