12 B. J. Veľké Rovné

Veľké Rovné

The apartment house is situated in the heart of the village Veľké Rovné, 15 km from the center of Žilina. The village Veľké Rovné lies in northwestern Slovakia in the middle of Javorníky. Beautiful nature allows summer and winter tourism, partly in the protected landscape area Kysuce. You can cross the village from Považie to Kysuce by road 541 from Kotešová to Turzovka. 

The project was designed as housing for young and young families. Residential house consists of 12 housing units with an area of one, two and three-room apartments. Apartments on the ground floor are without balconies and the rest have balconies. Heating is provided individually by gas boilers in each apartment. The apartment house has its own sewage treatment plant. The building is built of brick and insulated. A driveway was built to the apartment building and a parking which was also created to meet the needs of residents. 

Locality: Veľké Rovné
Project completion: 2014
Web: www.mojnovybyt.sk 

Veľké Rovné 1621, 013 62 Veľké Rovné



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