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Sport center Zbyňov is located in the village of Zbyňov, on its eastern edge, in the part Trnovica – Pešková. 

At the birth of the idea to build a sports and recreation center in this area was an area of poorly sustainable sports in the village, convenient location and the need to design a building complex, which by its nature in Central Europe has no functional-operational equivalent. The essence is to create a multifunctional sports-accommodation complex in a limited space with max. possible variability and use of affordable and technically available technologies and means aimed at meeting the demands of sports and sportsmen, both collective and individual at the supra-regional level, while meeting the needs for the surrounding users with their services. 

The second significant pillar of the proposed concept is the ecological and sustainability of the whole project and the return and renewability of the used resources and technologies, which corresponds to the values of Constario, p. r. about. – responsibility, sustainability and tradition. The potential of the whole project is multiplied by natural conditions and quality environment, which are a prerequisite for the development of tourism and tourism in the area of Súľov and Strážovské Hills and Malá Fatra. 

Sports center Zbyňov consists of a complex of sports and accommodation services. Currently, there is a football pitch and a grandstand with facilities for players and visitors on the property. The new design leaves the grandstand also the location of the football field. The main sports ground will be completed with a training area with artificial turf and multifunctional playgrounds. In connection with outdoor sports grounds, a multifunctional hall and ice rink are also designed. In the upper part of the land, in the area with minimal noise from the road, is designed a separate hotel with wellness and swimming pool and outdoor pools. The architecture of the hotel is based on the folk architecture in the region. also using materials – wood, stone and metal. 

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