Rezidencia Okružná


Rezidence Okružná combines distinctive urban housing that meets the expectations of even the most demanding costumers while providing stylish office space. The project perfectly staged the play of the urban environment and modern architectural design. Reconstruction and extension of the 5-storey building with a newly built elevator will achieve 5 non-residential premises and 15 housing units in various layouts and sizes from 33 m2 to 96 m2. Each apartment and commercial space will be assigned a cellar with an area of 2 m2. All residential units and non-residential premises will be provided by an audio intercom. The high quality of the materials used and its own gas heating in each apartment ensure minimum energy costs. The potential of the project is multiplied by its location typical for dynamic urban life, as there are the most important offices, kindergartens, primary and secondary schools, shopping and entertainment centers and city parks near the building.

Locality: Žilina
Project completion: 2017

Veľká Okružná 1309/17, 010 01 Žilina



Constario, LLC
Veľká Okružná 1309/17
010 01 Žilina


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Veľká Okružná 1309/17, 010 01 Žilina