Panorama living


The Panorama Living project is situated in the beautiful Hôrok area with a magnificent view of the panorama of Malá Fatra, Martinka and Lietava Castle. The project is intended for a wider clientele of people who decide between building a house in a quiet location and buying a larger apartment in the wider center of Žilina. Panorama Living consists of three separate houses with 12 flats ranging from 183 m2 to 208 m2. Each apartment will include the landscaped garden plot size from 90 to 100 m2. Residential buildings will be gradually built on land in the project Krásne Hôrky, The flat area is divided as follows: flats 103.6 m2 and 128.4 m2, terrace area 20.46 m2, warehouse has an area of 4.25 m2, and each apartment has a garage parking for two cars with an area of 45.11 m2 and 55 , 75 m2. Parking will also be possible on the area before entering the garage. PANORAMA Living 1 was successfully approved in December 2016. 

Locality: Hôrky
Project completion: 2016




Constario, LLC
Veľká Okružná 1309/17
010 01 Žilina


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Veľká Okružná 1309/17, 010 01 Žilina