Malá Praha


The project Mala Prague is a perfect example of the combination of wildlife and the bustle of the city center. The composition of the multifunctional building located in the narrow center of Žilina and with rich access to the whole city is characterised by the combination of modern architectural elements and the use of natural materials. This modern building and its functionally designed housing units are gaining in importance in order to support the living architecture with an emphasis on the environment and energy savings, as one of the buildings will have a green roof. 

A total of 77 residential premises will be created in blocks A, B and C. There will be 21 residential premises in block A, of which 11 two-room (53.61 – 62.18 m2), 8 three-room (68.19 – 92.68 m2) and 2 four-room apartment (98 m2). Block A will also include two non-residential premises containing a café (106 m2) and a hairdresser (39 m2). In block B, the residential space consists of seven 2-room apartments in a total area of 35 m2 and one 3-room apartment in a total area of 95 m2. The last block, block C, contains 48 apartments, of which 16 are one-room apartments (37.98 – 49.89 m2), 5 are two-room apartments (53.14 – 68.51 m2), 21 are three-room apartments (74.70 – 142, 49 m2), one four-bedroom apartment (116 m2), one four-bedroom maisonette (267,99 m2 including 76,05 m2 terrace) and one five-bedroom maisonette (263,01 m2 including 69,49 m2 terrace). The dimensions of the above-mentioned housing units include the size of balconies / terraces and cellars. In addition, the multifunctional building Mala Prague will also have 96 parking spaces, ie. underground garages 1 PP – 49 pcs, 1 NP – 15 pcs and outdoor parking 32 pcs.The potential of the project is multiplied by its location typical for dynamic urban life, as there are the most important offices in the vicinity of the building, kindergartens, primary and secondary schools, shopping and entertainment centres and city parks. 

The project Mala Prague presents to Constario, LLC a work of decisive importance, as the interplay, thoroughness and gracefulness, with a combination of elements of simplicity and timelessness, testify to the values of the company – responsibility, sustainability, tradition and stability. 


Locality: Žilina
Project completion: 2020

Suvorovova, Žilina



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