Luhy park


The subject of the proposal is the conversion of the former kindergarten into an apartment building. The intention is to extend the existing building to a total of four above-ground floors and to enlarge the building from the northern side by a third with a new building that will enlarge the building. The final size of the building is designed 23 housing units, the size of the two and three-room apartments. A total of ten 2-room apartments ranging from 46 to 66 m2 including a balcony area and thirteen 3-room apartments ranging from 74 to 83 m2 including a balcony area, each apartment has a cellar of 1.7 to 2.5 m2 and parking place. 

The underground floor has a separate side entrance, in which part of the cellars for apartments is accessible. Another part of the cellars is accessible on the first floor by the main entrance to the building from the street and the side entrance from the courtyard. Furthermore, there are 5 residential units on the first floor and a staircase providing access to other residential units. On the remaining three floors there are always six housing units. 

In the very environment of the village and the surrounding buildings, the building will look accentuating but at the same time undisturbed. The modern expression will be an orientation and visual plus of the surroundings without creating an unwanted dominant or disturbing the silhouette of the village. 


Locality: Papradno
Project completion:
2. quarter 2021




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