Family houses Podhorie


Construction of family houses in Podhorie is one of our more recent projects. A great advantage of family houses is the location. Since Podhorie is located only 12 kilometres from Zilina, which is a 15-minute drive to the city center, it becomes a very attractive place for family life. The construction of two-family houses combined the ideas of the owners of the current modern building with the comfort of a family home, with each house having a shelter for two cars. The garden together with irrigation provides to the owners an ideal place for pleasant family moments. 

There are 4 rooms bungalows with bathroom and separate toilet. As standard, the house was furnished with bathroom tiles, toilet and sanitary facilities and in the other rooms were laminate floors and doors with doorframes. The house has separate heating via gas boiler. Underfloor heating was provided in the rooms. Part of the house was a shelter for two cars. Floor area of the house is about 115 m2. Land has 550 m2 and 700 m2 including houses. 

Project completion: 2018




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