The area is located near the city center on the embankment of the Orava dam, which is one of the most popular tourist area of North Orava.

The subject of the proposal is to build a multifunctional center with the functions of a swimming pool on the level of a smaller aquapark, hotel with accommodation, gastronomic facilities, space for conferences, teambuilding or holding large family events and small additional business operations, respectively service spaces. The design of the building as well as the solved surroundings primarily addresses the functions of recreation, relaxation, sports, accommodation and catering. More specifically, it is complemented by a children’s world with the possibility of extending to the exterior, bike rental and servicing in relation to the creation of a bike path along the waterfront.
The exterior itself, solves in addition to parking from the road, sports and recreational areas with recreational lawns and sports grounds. Two new beach volleyball courts are proposed in the approximate location of the old and a multifunctional playground (size and priority feature of basketball).




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