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Liptov lies in the north of Slovakia and its northeastern part touches the Slovak-Polish state border. It has one of the most picturesque natural scenery in Slovakia. Thanks to the uniqueness of natural attractions and the richness of cultural and historical monuments Liptov is one of the most attractive areas of Slovakia. The whole region is extremely rich in building monuments from various historical periods. Very often there are mansions and manor houses which can be found in several municipalities. The oldest architectural monuments are the ruins of medieval castles (Likava, Liptovský Castle).

At the birth of the idea to build apartments in this area was the area of underutilized land in the village Demänová, convenient location and the need to design a building complex, which by its nature in the region has no functional-operational equivalent. The essence is to create holiday cottages, apartments and business premises, which aim to satisfy even the most demanding requirements of potential clients and visitors with an emphasis on the investment, energy and social character of the building.

The Demänová Apartments project consists of a complex of 243 holiday cottages and apartments that will be created in two phases. Cottages are with their equipment and construction designed not only for recreation, but also year-round housing. They are designed for a larger family or group of 6-8 persons. The project also includes the construction of solar collectors for electricity production, heat pumps for heat production, areas for collecting rainwater from roof areas and roads with the use of cooling the area. All in order to respect the philosophy of Constario, p. r. about. based on values – tradition, stability, responsibility and sustainability – respecting the place of construction with respect for historical, ecological, cultural and social relations. Due to the social character of the project, the construction of restaurants, cafes, rest areas, children’s playgrounds, entertainment and shopping center, swimming pools, playgrounds, climbing walls, green parks, cycling routes, cross-country trails, footpaths, lakes for ice skating months, meadows – event space, church, tennis courts, golf course, natural amphitheater and other social and entertainment activities.




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